Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our products and services.


Q. How many sections can my sites have?

  A. The Solo Practitioner Package includes 4 sections and the Small Law Firm Package includes 6 sections of your choice.  

Q. Can I get add more sections to my site?

  A. YES. You can add more sections at an additional charge of $100 per section.  
  Q. Will I be able to Proofread my content before it goes online?  
  A. YES. Your website will be available in our Proofing Area once our designers complete it. It will not be made public until we receive your written APPROVAL in an email.  
  Q. Can I make on-going changes to my website?  
  A. YES. Changes to your existing website content may be made as often as necessary at No Charge. However, creation of additional sections may incur additional charges. Please call us for more information.  
  Q. Can I add pictures of my building, office or attorneys?  
  A. YES. The addition of pictures to any page on your site can be added at an additional charge of $50 per picture.  
  Q. What if I already own a Domain Name?  
  A. There are two options: (1) If you already own a domain name and have another hosting service that you want to use, then we will publish your website to that hosting service at no charge. You will just pay for the website development. (2) If you already own a domain name but would like to have your website hosted by us, then we will transfer your domain name at no charge and host your website on our servers.
(NOTE: Domain Name Transfers can take up to 10 days to complete.)
  Q. Who owns the website once it is completed?  
  A. YOU, the customer, own all of the pages and content of the website once it is completed. The website can either be published out to a hosting service provider of your choice or can be hosted by Lawyers Websites Development for a monthly fee of $24.95.  
  Q. Can my site be transferred to another hosting company at a later date?  
  A. YES. If you choose to have your website transferred to another hosting service provider at a later date, we will transfer all of the pages and content for a service fee of $25.00.  
  Q. Can I cancel the hosting service at anytime?  
  A. If your website is being hosted by Lawyers Websites Development, then you may cancel your hosting service anytime by sending an email notification of the cancellation to 30 days prior to cancellation.